the truth about dave

In honor of our 12th Anniversary, I am revealing all of Dave's deepest darkest secrets...all of the stuff he doesn't want you to know...

First of all, I have to tell you honestly, no matter how much fun I have in chiding him, I am married to the best man I know.  I would say, just ask him, but the truth is, he is a very humble guy, and very patient in enduring criticism (he is married to me, so enough said here).  And for all of the good things he has to say about himself, he has more to say about the Giver of those gifts.

Second, He is patient in just about everything.  He has patiently waited the last 12 years while his wife figures out how to develop the skills needed to keep a house in order.  He has patiently waded through unemployment, working under very difficult superiors, and supervising difficult employees.  But where I am ready to throw in the towel after a week, he has waited months for change, and had grace far past where I would have been willing to give it.  And after growing up in a home ruled by boys, he has learned how raise girls by listening patiently, defusing emotions and instructing gently.

Third, he is buff...seriously.  But more than just in physical strength.  He is a very, very strong person...just ask his mom...she frequently tells people how many times she had to read "The Strong-Willed Child" while raising him.  He has enough strength to spend his day hearing from upset customers only to come home and deal with girl drama.  He has the strength to quietly stand up for the right thing each day and lead a team of employees...and then come home and patiently lead a family full of girls who think they know everything.  And yet even greater strength to declare where that strength comes from. 

And in conclusion, I am a very blessed woman...who can even break out a five paragraph theme when needed, again, thanks to my husband (self-declared lover of the five paragraph theme).  Thanking God for 12 years with this guy, and thank you Dave for spending 12 years with me!