A Day in the Life: Quiet Time

This new series is a glimpse into the fun-filled, action packed life we lead (please read with rich sarcasm).  I am having a bit of writers block when it comes to writing about how Dave and I met.  Part of this stems from the fact, that to me, the whole thing was utterly romantic, but when I put it on paper, rather dull.  So I am waiting for inspiration.  In the meantime...some of the uber exciting things that make up our typical day...

Beginning with...the beginning of our day.  Quiet time.  After eating breakfast, this is the first thing on our schedule.  We started this a few years back, just because Mom needed a few minutes of quiet first thing in the morning, but we have all grown to enjoy it.  We each say one thing we are thankful for, then read a Bible or devotional for 15 min.  Annie still doesn't read, but contents herself to look at the pictures.  Every few weeks, we go to the library to get new Children's Bibles, which makes for a nice variety, and the packet that Stephanie is doing below, is a devotional that our church gives to the kids every month.  I try to keep it casual, too much structure and I start loathing a thing.  But we still love this time, and therefore, love sharing it with you.

And let's be honest, a lot of mornings, quiet time is not so quiet.

how security lost its luster...

So many of you, my friends, have spent some of your life living in transition.  Many of you are missionaries, military families, or just have husbands that would like to be in school forever.  We have moved more times than I would have liked, and a couple of the moves involved me throwing a tantrum. 

With that in mind, I am loving reading Karen's blog this month, about Living in Transition.  This post, Invite People In, has especially inspired me.  Invite people in to your life, no matter if it is for an hour, a year, or your lifetime.  So true.  Very true.  She talks about Jesus' ministry as an example, great example of the impact that can be made in a few short minutes, or a few short years.  It changed the world, people loved harder, cried deeper, and stood stronger...and it is still happening to this day.

There are hundreds of people that have impacted my life in such a powerful way, and some I never met, I just observed from a distance and some I have known my whole life.

This week, I had a friend that I have known for just a few months tell me that I was family now.  I feel like her family, like she is a part of my family...like I have known her forever...

And tears stream down my face as I think about the possibility of missing out on the friends I now have here in Evansville, the friends that I didn't know God had in store for me and my family, that I told Him I didn't want...I wanted security instead.  Security is totally overrated.