On fearing God

I've been learning about fearing God lately.  And thinking a lot about fear.  Tornado sirens do that to me.  God's power is pretty amazing, scary really.

When I first started reading the Bible, one of the questions I asked, was about fearing God.  What did that mean exactly.  I have no idea who I asked, but whoever it was tried to explain that it was more of a reverence, like a respect than a fear.  It isn't a bad explanation at all, but it has taken me a while to get it. 

I have been learning that the way I fear God is a litmus test for how much faith I have...or how much I trust Him.  If I don't trust Him, then the realization that He has the power to destroy everything I hold dear, scares the living daylights out of me.  It leads me to all kinds of emotions that I don't even want to admit I have, and ultimately panic, and sometimes bitterness.

On the other hand, when I am at a place of peace and trust with God, I am able to acknowledge His power...respect His power, but without being scared.  I mean, pain is scary, and unknown pain scares me even more, but when I am really in a place of trust, then I know that even those unknowns are taken care of...that I am not in control, and that is a good thing.

I am learning that "fear of God" depends entirely on my perspective.


Red said...

I have been reading a book called The Promise by Robert J Morgan about Romans 8:28 that has really changed the way I think about things...especially when bad things seem to be happening all around me. He really does take the things that are "bad" and use them in so many ways, most importantly I guess to open up people to actually want to hear His message of salvation. Seems to soften hearts and make them more open to the gospel. But also just that they know someone knows how they feel...which goes a long ways too. God really does use ALL things for ultimate good to those that love Him and are open to being used for His purposes. I blogged a bit on it the other day. I too, am trying to make sure that I am learning and growing through all of this. Trying to stretch myself and make sure I don't stall out, if you will. To remain teachable and let each moment/event be a tool that He can teach me through.
As a single mom, this weather has been very testing to me. Makes me ask all kinds of questions. I have been trying my hardest not to worry and to just count on Romans 8:28. (does any of that make any sense?)