some diversions

 I'm going to stop being grumpy now...and you won't have to hear about any more showers...sorry about that.

Yesterday afternoon, we found Dave's computer stocked with Brit Nicole, which has been a great diversion, unless you are the lady downstairs.  It has been a continual dance party.  I can't hear whining or crying over the music, either.

Diversion #2...Furniture Assembly 101.  The girls helped assemble these stools, so we have some place to sit.  Dave appropriately noted that they are now more advanced than he is in the realm of furniture assembly.  Yes.  They absolutely are.  At least he knows his gifts.

I will leave the story about how I spent most of last night crying for a later date, when I can process and maybe even laugh a little at myself.  We are off to invade the library...Have a great day.