Dave's New Job!

The job hunt is finally over! Dave starts at Terminix in 2 weeks...as a branch manager. The job seems to be just what Dave was looking for, and perfect for his gifts. He will be in training for about 6 months, then they will let us know where his branch will be...in other words...we are probably moving. But more on that when the time comes.
We are just completely amazed by God. The last seven months has been difficult in some ways, but financially was not one of them. I am not sure how that can be, as we are not independently wealthy, and we did not save up for 7 months of unemployment, but here we sit.
I will probably get reprimanded later for this...so don't tell Dave I said this...I am pretty sure he doesn't read my blog, or any blog for that matter, so I will take a chance. We had tossed around salary expectations, and come to some agreement between the two of us...but they decided to offer him considerably more than either of us had fathomed, and more than he made at his last job, or any job for that matter. For those that get offended when others go into financial detail, you will have to excuse me. It think it is too cool not to share. It is just overwhelming.
We have been completely blessed by the whole unemployment experience, which is weird, but wonderful. I know that God has things under control, but there is nothing like experiencing it first hand.
Oh, and one last thing, I am a complete whiner, so if you think that my gratefulness is a testimony to me, then I hope to set you straight. I don't feel like we have experienced a hardship...I have definitely experienced hardship in the past, and I have whined about it, fretted about it and all the normal human stuff. But this situation is a testimony to God alone, He chose to make this whole situation easy on us, for some reason, so I don't have any reason to whine. If I could think of something to whine about I most certainly would. :) But today we are full of peace, and not by our own doing.