Thanksgiving Pics the easy way...

My brother-in-law took lots of pictures and some of them are here!


So after much prayer, frustration, and a little bit of sadness we are not moving anywhere at present. I am very glad, but Dave is still without a job, and for that I am not glad, but patiently waiting. He decided to turn down a job that just kept getting worse the longer he communicated with them. He didn't get the other job. So back to square one. I have had a very good week though. God has changed some of my mind on some things. I am more at peace than I have been in a really long time, and I am really going to miss Dave when he does find a job (as opposed to the "you are driving me crazy" attitude I had last month). Life is really deeply good. And God has provided. We are still good financially, and that is pretty amazing. Anyway, thought I would share the joy.

Still Waiting...

Glad to be learning patience...


It looks certain that we will be coming to a city near you, but which city is still to be determined.

We have been traveling around the state of Missouri this month looking at jobs and places to live. We have been traveling the web looking at thousand of different little things that play a part when you move. I am getting worn out, and I am wishing that we could just stay here. But I also think back to the other times that I followed God, even though it wasn't what I wanted to do. It has definitely ended up for the best so far. It is easy to know what the best thing to do is, but putting on the happy, really being happy about it is another thing. I want to tell my girls that this will be the last move, and that they will get to keep these friends close for the rest of their childhood. But I am not God. I want to tell them that...I really, really want to tell them that, but I don't know what will come next. So I tell them that God knows. That is all for today...I am off to pack boxes.

Halloween Candy and lack of job update

There is no job update, if you are following that saga.

The girls are all enjoying their Halloween candy...a new reason to eat yucky stuff for dinner. The best part of Halloween candy, though, is watching them share. They don't really share with each other...that would be called trading, but Mom and Dad don't have a stash, so we get blessed by the sharing. Sarah is wonderful at sharing. She knows exactly what Mom and Dad prefer. Mom wants chocolate and Dad sugar. She is very thoughtful and gives us our favorites. Then their is Annie. She is so cute. Her absolute favorite is Laffy Taffy. So she gives everyone else her Laffy Taffy. I feel so bad eating it because she loves it and I can barely get it down, but of course I love the fact that she is willing to give what is most precious to her.

Coming to a city near you...

...or so we think. Of 100 applications now sent 90 have been for jobs in the Kansas City area. The only serious interviews have been from those other 10 applications. So it would look like we might be moving. Not too far, but moving all the same. Oh, how I love moving! I am still waiting to pack, but Dave does have a final interview where he is the only candidate later this week. I'll give you the scoop if/when one of them is a sure thing.

more waiting

Well, Dave got a call back from the first interview finally. They said that they will make a decision and call back before Thanksgiving. AKA more waiting. He is still setting up interviews and waiting to hear back on other interviews. Waiting for phone calls for interviews. Waiting to see what God is going to do.