Waiting, waiting, and more waiting...

That is all I have to say.

Job Update

The first good news of the job hunt came yesterday, as Dave has 2 first interviews on Monday. We'll keep you updated!

In a weird twist of events...

Dave is now jobless. We keep hearing that upper middle management is the most dangerous place to be in a company. Well we can now vouch for that. It is weird though, because a month ago I posted about how much I love my life and how normal things were. But the weirdest part is that Dave actually had an employer let him go. He is borderline workaholic. He gives about 200% and is scarily robot like in his ability to perform in a workplace. I don't think Dave has ever had a job where he went more than a year without a promotion. Dave isn't perfect, but he is pretty much an ideal employee. I take that for granted. But more importantly I have realized that I have relied on Dave for our income (instead of God).
We can also verify that the job market is bad...really bad. Dave has applied for about 100 jobs in the last 2 weeks, and has yet to get one call for an interview. This is just weird. I know it is becoming normal, but as it plays out in front of us, it is a little strange.
Mostly we have peace...disjointed by momentary panic stricken moments...but mostly peace. There is a little bit of excitement on my part, as I have no idea what God is doing, and what will come next. I think their might be some pain to come before we get there, but I still look forward to what God has for us next.

To Be Continued...