Birthday Musings

I turned 30 on Friday. I don't feel any older (maybe a day), but it did cause some reflection. It was quite nice actually. Ten years ago, if you asked me what I wanted to be doing in 10 years it was exactly what I am doing, with the exception that I wanted to be doing it in a foreign country. I am not sure how that would have been anyway...I lived in Dallas for 5 years, and had trouble dealing with that culture shock, so maybe I really didn't know what was good for me anyway. So other than that bit, I really I doing what I want I dreamed of doing. Staying home with my kids, homeschooling them, and happily married. Not too many people can say that, so I feel very grateful. I feel even more grateful when I look at how I got here. Left up to myself, I wouldn't have gotten here. The last 10 years have been very bumpy and at times I found myself going in the exact opposite direction of my goal. But God knew. He knew that those things would lead me here...that most of them needed to happen so I could be here is pretty amazing really. I am completely overwhelmed with gratitude.

On top of my wishes for the future, I began to think of the things that I had not wished, but that I love about my life. First of all, my daughters. My oldest daughter, Sarah, is the antonym of me. She is disciplined, scheduled, organized, and loves to do the same thing 100 days in a row, just as long as she knows what is coming. I love this, because I am not like this, and if I didn't have her to please, I probably would still be the unscheduled mess that I have been most of my life. Hannah, on the other hand, hits a little closer to home. She would love to procrastinate her life away, well, she would regret it later (I know), but trying to get out of anything is her specialty. She is a complete fire ball, so hilarious, and so witty (I didn't get that trait unfortunately). She is so much fun, but it is like pulling teeth some days to get school done. Thank God for Sarah. Stephanie doesn't really care what the activity is, is all that matters is who is participating. She loves relationships, so much that she has trouble not hugging and touching everyone around her. I am not sure who she got this from...someone unrelated to us, but it is wonderful to watch, as long as she isn't poking out the neighbor's baby's eye. She is also the most dramatic...well, I almost don't want to call it dramatic...she isn't playing. She is very sensitive, and I have never seen her cry for effect. She is truly hurt by the smallest things sometimes, and becomes so upset that she can hardly breath. Annie, well Annie is the baby. She knows she is cute, and she works it very well. When she is in trouble she looks at you until you laugh, she will perform for almost anyone, and expects everyone to dote on her. I suppose this won't last her whole life...I am hoping. Right now, she even has her sisters under her spell. Everyone stands up for Annie, and she is the baby, so she seems to always be in the right. Gladly, her parents aren't as fooled, but she is cute, no doubt.

Well this was supposed to be about my birthday, instead you get a psych analysis of my kids...

The other thing I was going to say, is that I love where I live. I just love it. There is no way that 10 years ago I would be wanting to live in a townhouse in Independence MO, I probably would want to live on 10 acres. But I don't like to work that much, and I love living close to great parks, an awesome library, and having a house where I am not responsible when something breaks. Praise God!

Thanks for letting me share some of the blessings in my life. Have a wonderful week!

Trip to the Lake

Some pics from our recent trip to the lake. Since blogger has gone all html code on the uploads, I am not going to even try to put captions next to pics. You can make your own captions if you want, but exclude comments about Dave's farmer's tan...he is a bit sensitive. You will notice there are no pictures of me. :)

Currently Reading

Some of the Books we are currently reading...

The Wheel on the School by Meindert DeJong
This book is long, but great. Set in Holland turn of the century maybe, or before. This is a fabulous story about a little school of 6 children that come together with a goal...eventually the whole town gets involved. The relationships and personalities are wonderful...the old and young find things in common and become friends, and the little town of Shora changes.

The Burgess Bird Book for Children by Thornton Burgess
We just started reading this storybook for science. After the first chapter Hannah wanted to keep reading, and said that we could read this everyday for Science. That is enough right there. She is the hardest to please, so I checked out several other books by the same author, and we are going to go with it as long as we can.
The Book reads like a storybook about characters who happen to be birds, but the introduction of different species of birds gives insight to individual birds habits and personality. It is the best kind of book, one that is enjoyable and doesn't lead on that you are learning anything.

No Man Knows My History by Fawn Brodie
This has been my nightstand book for the last few months. It is not a page turner, but an excellently written biography of the life of Joseph Smith. Interesting doesn't do it justice. This lady talks like she knows him intimately, and she probably does with all of the primary source research she did to compile this book. It is not boring by any stretch of the imagination, but it isn't Harry Potter either. I'm not going to spoil it for anyone, but it is worth reading.