Camping Trip

We went camping last weekend near St. Louis, and had lots of fun (with some complaining and fussing, but mostly fun).
We took a tour of Fisher Cave, which was on the campground, and was very cool.

Stephanie trying out Mom and Dad's bed.

Annie and Steph in the girls "room."

Dave taking it easy.

All the girls spent some time drawing...Annie draws happy faces over and over again. Sarah was drawing a wild flower she found.

On Sunday we got up early and packed up to avoid a thunderstorm and the possibility of packing up a wet tent...yuk.

So we stopped in St. Louis and went to the zoo on Sunday. We got to see a Capybara (the largest rodent in the world), which was pretty cool, since we read this book about a family who took one in as a pet. I had never seen one in person.

Annie is pointing out that the elephant has a mouth...pretty amazing stuff for a 2 year old!