Susan Boyle

In case there is someone who hasn't heard of Susan Boyle, I thought I would post a link to her performance on youtube. What a beautiful wake up call for all of us who judge so much by appearances.

Easter Pics

Some pics of the girls in their dresses. It is cold outside, in case you don't live in MO and realize that they are doing a really good job of looking normal when they are wanting to shiver. Hannah can't stop laughing, which is what she does when she doesn't want to do something...and she did NOT want to come outside.

Spring Fun

Between kite flying and rollerskating...we have had a pretty fun couple of weeks.

Hannah Turns 6

Some pictures of Hannah's Sixth Birthday Party in January! It was a tea party, and she got an American Girl Doll, which she named Julie. We had lots of fun...I is kind of hard to remember. But better late than never!

Still Doing Fine

We are still doing great, trying to get the school year finished up, and caught up on some projects...actually I started one too many projects, and now I am trying to finish them. Dave and I just had an awesome weekend in Omaha where we got to listen to Catherine Levison give an all day presentation on homeschooling. It was really practical and very helpful. Dave and I also enjoyed the time away together, and got a chance to talk a lot about homeschooling, along with lots of other stuff. I have pictures of lots of stuff that I need to post. I am hoping I will get to it soon. In the meantime...we are doing fine.