Pictures of Jamaica

I just figured out that I can see pictures of Dave on the trip through this website. If you click on the link right above the group picture, you can see lots more. The two below are of the whole group and of Dave and some guys laying a foundation.

Dave posts on the Jamaica Blog

Dave posted today on the Jamaica Blog. A link to his post is here.

Dave in Jamaica update

I am assuming that no news is good news. They were supposed to arrive around noon, and I know that they got on their flight in Houston. At this point, I won't have any way to talk to, or get a hold of Dave, so the blog, which is linked in the last post is my only source of info. The girls and I are getting ready for a full week of craft projects and visitors. Fun, Fun, Fun

Dave in Jamaica

Dave is going to Jamaica for a week...he flies out tomorrow morning. It is hard to call 4:15am morning, that is really more middle of the night, but that is when we are supposed to be at the airport. Anyway, if you want to follow his trip, this is the blog. He is building houses and doing work...don't be too jealous. It sounds like it is going to be an adventure.

My Favorite Things

I just finished watching this BBC version of North and South (for the hundredth time), and thought I should share that it is the best movie of all time. It is 5 hours long (in 4 parts), but never the less, it is the best movie of all time. I am unwavering on this, so I challenge you all, to post your all time favorite movies. I will begin watching them and come up with a conclusion, I already know what that conclusion will be, but that is okay. Oh, and the only criteria I have for best movie, is that you have to be able to watch it over and over again.

And a very close second goes to this version of the Importance of Being Earnest. This is just hilarious. You will be rolling, really. It is only 100 minutes or so, so you don't have to devote a week to watching it.

Thanks to Stephanie this is my new favorite blog.
It is called Cake Wrecks, and is devoted to very badly done professional cakes. There are sometimes posts with extraordinarily intricate cakes, that are just amazing. But the posts of wedding cakes that were ordered one way and turned out another are my favorite. The most recent one is here.

Then to top it off, my favorite picture storybook. The girls love this storybook. Okay, I love it too. From the Stinky Cheese Man to the Story of Ferdinand the somber bull to the classic Goodnight Moon, it will not disappoint you.

Now it is your turn, please share your favorites...