The World Through Annie's Eyes

Take a mental picture...Annie, who is 2, was watching me brush Sarah's hair this morning, and Sarah was cringing, as she normally does, trying not to whine. Then Annie says, "Mommy, Sarah pooping." Annie, it might be time for potty training...

Stephanie on Princesses

Stephanie was getting dressed for church a few weeks ago, and we had a conversation that went something like this...

Mom: "Stephanie, put pants on it is freezing outside."
Stephanie: "But Mommy, I want to be a princess."
Mom: "Princesses don't always have to wear dresses."
Stephanie: "But how do they find their Prince if they are wearing pants?"
Mom thinking: We are definitely not watching Enchanted again for a long time.
Mom says: "But Stephanie, I met Daddy, my Prince, and I wasn't wearing a dress."
Stephanie: Looking at me like I have no idea what I is saying, and trying not to laugh, then finally, "No, Mommy."

The concept was too much for her to handle. She is all girl, and will eventually become our own fashion police. It is a good thing my sister Meagan lives in Dallas, so we actually have a vacancy for the fashion police position.

Annie's Swimsuit Fetish

Annie's favorite clothing item for the months of November and December...swimsuits. The last picture shows the 4 inches of show outside, and if you look very carefully you can see the icicles on the inside of the door (which is hopefully going to be replaced very soon). The first picture is probably of Annie running away from Daddy who is telling her to get some clothes on. She is such a funny little girl. The second pic is a very typical "I know I am cute and I am trying not to smile," Annie face. So funny. She is 2 1/2 now. I am hoping that her fascination with swimsuits doesn't last 2 more years like Stephanie's dress/princess fetish.

I wish I could go to school Mom... I didn't have to go to school today.

I love Sarah's logic. It is a snow day here, and she wishes that she got off school as well. It doesn't matter that on Friday we will take the whole day off to go and watch a play and spend the afternoon at Crown Center, or that she gets a whole week off at Thanksgiving, and 2 at Christmas...the prospect of other kids not going to school while she does is disappointing. So maybe I am a mean Mom, but she is inside doing school work, hurrying to beat the sun...the goal, of course, to make it outside to play before the snow melts. Poor Sarah.