Prayer Jog

In March of 07', I began running for the first time in a few years. It started out as a group effort with some of my friends, but soon I was running by myself again, mostly because my friends and I were all at different levels. I enjoy running, it is good exercise, but my main reason soon became to look better. I wanted to be thinner and more toned. It is no wonder that my efforts quickly turned to vanity, and although I did look a little better, my heart looked worse. I write this because I have begun running again this month, and this time my goal is higher. I have taken the opportunity to pray for my neighborhood while I run. I have felt a real sense of purpose since we moved here 4 months ago, and as I pray about that calling, I feel prompted to pray more. I have also been spurred on by my friends in Stolkholm who are a constant encouragement to me. I would love it if you would pray with me for the community I live in and my willingness to be used by God. I hope that this post will also be an encouragement to someone.