Kudos to the US Government

With all the negativity, I thought I would try and add something positive. Isn't it great that our Country is not entirely dependent on who becomes president. This is a great comfort to me lately. I am really glad someone thought to set things up that way. And that is my attempt at being positive.

Stephanie's Haircut

My beautiful 4 year old, Stephanie, got her first real haircut on Wednesday. Here is the before and after pics (I didn't take official before pics).

A Hundred Roses

Thought I would add a picture of the roses in bloom (about 2 months late).

Dave sent me a hundred roses for my birthday yesterday. They were spray roses, so they actually fit in a vase. they are even fuller today. It was a wonderful surprise. Thanks Dave. (Oh, and for the record, I am 29, not 30.) So all old comments will have to be put off for another year.


Ironically I am posting this on the day after google launched their new web browser "Chrome." But if any of you use Mozilla's Firefox, I have just found the most amazing add on. Glubble. It is a parent filter. It comes already loaded with a bunch of kid friendly stuff, and some stuff I decided to disable. Each person gets their own user name and favorite sites. I am lazy so this is the extent of my review. But you should check it out, we are really loving it.