Sarah's Outfit

Sarah insisted I post this for Aunt Meagan, as we went to buy these shoes with her. Unfortunately, She didn't get to show Meagan the cute outfit she dreamed up to go with them, so here is the pic.

A Quick Funny Story

My sister, Meagan, was in town a couple of weeks ago. She works at Starbucks, so one of our first stops in the morning is to go and get her usual Starbucks. I like coffee too, but my order is pretty black. Her order is something that includes about 2 minutes of specific directions. So we order, and as we are pulling up to the window to get the coffee, Sarah asks, "What language do they speak at Starbucks?"

Tick Bite Trail

If you ever run across a trail in the woods called Tick Bite Trail, you should take it as advice. It was named that for a reason. Of Course, I didn't, and encouraged the whole family onto the trail this weekend. I have had a few ticks before, and although they are no fun, I didn't figure a that we would be in any more danger there, than on any other trail in Missouri. I was, of course, wrong. I have now pulled out at least 200 ticks. It is not an exaggeration. I wish it was. Most of them were the size of a poppy seed, with about 10 of them actually big enough to see clearly. Had the 10 big ones not been there, I might not of known what the others were, but now that I am thinking about it, I definitely should have saved one to look at under a magnifying glass for educational purposes. Here is the approximate tally.

Annie-2 (only one to start with until she put the skirt on that Stephanie had just taken off)
Stephanie-80 at least
Me-lots, but I got most of them off on their way up my legs.

Other than this unfortunate event, we had a good weekend, and I will post pictures in a bit (not of the ticks).

Harry Potter

Thanks Megan, for spurring me on to write this. I didn't read Harry Potter for a long time, partly because of controversy, and partly because I lacked the time. Why, though, is there any controversy over these books. We must be talking serious fundamentalist that began all this criticism. I just have to say that if you will read Lord of he Rings, then you should not condemn this book. It is not the same, but there is Magic in Tolkien's stuff, and that could be your only possible issue in my opinion. Or the fact that no God is mentioned or referred to, but that is not any different than Lord of the Rings. These are seriously great books. They encourage seriously great character traits, and they are very fun to read. Unless you are afraid of your child thinking that Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, and the like are real places (you got problems already, then), then I can't understand what the fuss is about. If I wanted to practice magic, I would get absolutely no help from these books! It is not about that, it is fictional! I don't recommend that you read the later books to young children, obviously, because they are a little scary. But I also don't recommend reading parts of the Bible to young children for the same reason. So I think this had no flow or structure, and can officially be considered a purely emotional post. Read the books. They are great!

Another Birthday for Harry

Well, I should be posting Sarah's party pics, but I was a really bad mom, and didn't bring extra batteries, and I only have a handful of pretty bad pics that I could post, but I will just let you know that we had an outdoor party at a local park at the coldest day I have ever experienced in May (plus it was sprinkling). It was fun for Sarah and the kids, but only because they are kids and they like being with each other. So no pics from Sarah's party, but we did have one more Birthday Party this summer for Harry Potter.

Happy Birthday Harry!

We had the Leaky Cauldron's Pea Soup with Pumpkin Juice (lemonade with food coloring).

The candles on the cake were in the formation of a lightning bolt for his scar. We had a trivia game that was pretty funny.

Dave was giving away silver sickles (york pepperment patties) for correct answers, and Annie was going around to everyone begging. Well eventually Annie figured out that if she answered the question right then that person would get candy, so she started repeating answers, and then holding out her had for candy. It was pretty cute.

Then they got to go shopping in Diagon Alley for wands and a magical creature.

It was a lot of fun. Dave just finished reading them the first book a week before the party.

Stephanie's 4th Birthday

We had Stephanie's party at this fun little park with some fountains to run through. It was a princess party, and Steph was really excited about the princess barbie. She is my girly, girl. We are not sure where she gets it from, but the more pink and frilly it is, the more Stephanie loves it. She is also the most sensitive of the girls (aka...the biggest drama queen). But as far as I can remember, we had a great party, and she loved having her family and friends there to celebrate with her.

Annie's Birthday

So, in my absence I have missed a few birthdays, so in reverse order, Annie's turned 2 in July! Happy Birthday Annie!
Don't tell me if you can't tell who is on the cake, Annie knew, and that is enough for me.
She got a Dora doll that she loves, and a sleeping bag that we are going to get to use this weekend.

Our K-ville Trip

Although some of you were hoping for more pics of the girls (you know who you are), I am going to bore you with the trip Dave and I took to Kirksville a few weekends ago. Maybe then I will post some pics of the girls if you are lucky. Dave and I met in K-ville when we were at school at Truman State.
Here is Centennial Hall where Dave and I met. The last one is of the Bed and Breakfast we stayed at. We had a really great weekend.