Royals Game and Annie's Emergent Personality

It looks like she is saying that our team is number one, but anyone who knows anything about baseball can see that she is clearly just being bossy and shaking her finger. Probably saying "no, no, no" in her mind.

Hannah being Hannah.

Stephanie being shy

This is such a typical
Annie look.

Annie's entertainment for a good portion of the game. A good game of Peek-a-boo works wonders.

Clapping seems to be the thing to do.

Sarah stood up clapping with her arms above her head most of the game. We lost pretty badly, but she never gave up. It is good practice for being a Royals fan. She was really into the score and the numbers, and we just hope that a career in fantasy baseball is not in her future (Ok...I hope). I had her turn around for a picture.

Annie wants to be like big sis...