Apparently, from a handful of emails I received, more people look at my blog than I thought. The reason I started the blog was so I didn't have to continually send emails with pics and stories to my parents and Dave's parents (as we were still in Dallas). My parents were in the U.S. from Feb. to late April, so I didn't really need to post pics because they were seeing my kids, and we live 15 min from Dave's parents. So that is my excuse till April, and now we are moving, locally, but still it is a lot of organizing and box packing. So those are my reasons for being lazy and a slacker...we are all doing fine, and have not given up on the blogging world or our friends or our family. We will return sometime this summer after we move. Please pray for that move, that it goes well and that it is the last move for quite sometime (fervently for the last half). Thanks everyone who emailed wondering if we are still alive...I am glad you care.