Annie Takes a Break

Taking a break from housework to read a few books. Mom likes to do that too.

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Hannah, My Big 5 Year Old

I can hardly believe it, but Hannah is 5, half a decade old. She just finished reading Hop on Pop by herself last week, and actually picks out clothes that match half of the time. Both seemed impossible feats last year for my jumping bean that only sits still when music or a movie are playing, and you can look at the blog posts from the last year to see about the clothes. Hannah has been a music lover from birth. She was the only one of the girls that was actually comforted with music...and when she was one she could hum Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with perfect pitch.

For the last 4 months she has been begging for a guitar, and I am so excited to see her learn. I love watching my children learn, and I think this should be even more fascinating, because I know that it is something I can't teach her. Dave is going to teach her, and the real fascination is that she actually has an ear for music, something that absolutely escapes me (maybe like Dave watching Sarah draw...ha, ha). So, I am excited to watch her put this skill into practice and watch her blossom.

She also had a wonderful party with lots of family and friends. She told me that she wishes that Sarah's party was tomorrow so she could have everyone over again. Only about 100 days I told her. She had a guitar cake (if you couldn't tell, don't let me know). We played musical chairs, and most of all, she had a great time playing with her friends big and small. She can't wait to ride her new bike this afternoon (in the garage), and hopefully we will get to try out her new karaoke cd tonight. Grandma and Grandpa are still in Spain, so they missed the party, but Hannah has been promised a trip to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate with them.
We love you Hannah! Happy Birthday!

Chore Charts

A big milestone came today...I finally got the chore charts into use again. It has been about a year. It isn't that they have gotten away without doing chores for that long, but that they haven't gotten to cross off the chores when they are done. For some reason, that motivates them. Every time we start this again, I think why did I stop? This makes life so much easier, when they know what is expected of them every morning and evening. I still have to encourage them to follow through, but it is so much better for all of us. If you want a copy of our chore charts I would love to send you a copy by email.

An Anniversary Tribute

Dave and I have been married 8 years today. Here are some pictures of what took place 8 years ago. I look forward to the next 8 years!

Annie 2007

My favorite pics of Annie from 2007...

Stephanie 2007

My favorite Stephanie pics of 2007...

Hannah 2007

My favorite Hannah pics of 2007...
The perfect pumpkin

Hannah's self-proclaimed stylishness.

Sarah 2007

I picked out my favorite 3 pictures of each of the girls from 2007. Here are Sarah's...