The 2nd Annual Branson Family Carnival

We all had a great time last year at the first family carnival, so we couldn't wait to do another one! We picked the perfect day, it was cold and rainy.
The girls all started out with their purse full of money,
"Here is your picture, Mom, can we start now?"

They got to spend the money on food, rides, and games. The first thing Hannah spent money on was popcorn, big surprise! And I have to say that Sarah was very thoughtful, and noticed that Mom didn't get any money, so she bought me a Tootsie Roll. Thanks, Sarah.
Sarah was the first to get her face painted.
Stephanie followed, Mom needs some help artist-ically, but she didn't notice. :)
Hannah noticed, and opted for the butterfly.

Steph is getting ready for her basket ride, where she gets pulled around the living room at break neck speeds!

Now it is Sarah's turn.

Horse Rides were not a favorite of the horses (Mom and Dad both got to partici-pate), but the riders loved it! "Look! No Hands!"

Stephanie bobbing for apples. You're not supposed to use your hand Stephanie, use your teeth!

The Bounce House, I think Hannah might be getting tired!

Here's a nice wake up call. "Up in the air" as the girls affection-ately call it. This is Hannah's favorite. Annie is also a big fan. As soon as Dave puts her down, she crawls right back over to him and stands up with her arms in the air, and grunts.

Speaking of Annie, she slept through most of the excite-ment, but here she is getting a chair ride. Dad spins the chair till they puke...well not quite. But they can't walk straight afterwards.

Here is Annie afterwards, it isn't a bad picture, she really looked like that, she was definately dizzy. But she fussed whenever the chair stopped.

Here is Annie finishing up her basket ride, Dad went a little slower for her, and again, she fussed as soon as he stopped.

All the girls rode all the rides, and played all the games, and after they were worn out (or maybe that was after we were worn out) they spent the rest of their money on candy! I can't wait for next year!

Baby Hannah

Stacey, one of my roommates from college, visited a few weekends back, and we got to meet baby Hannah for the first time. We also got to really meet Derek, as the wedding doesn't count. If you want to see more cute pics of Baby Hannah, you can go to their blog.

Reading Time

Hannah has started reading some words, so we got out the "Bob Books" (short controled vocab-ulary readers). Hannah was so excited about reading, that she tried to read all of them (maybe by next year, Hannah).
Stephanie says that she can already read them all, and if Steph says it, there is no use arguing...
Here is a pic of Stephanie and Hannah as I found them last week reading to themselves in the laundry basket.

Missouri Town

We went to Missouri Town's annual festival, and I am sorry to say, I forgot about the camera until the very end, but here's what I took.
We sat and ate our picnic lunch by the chicken coop. We also watched the wood carver behind us work on some walking sticks. Annie is so excited to be a big girl and sit on the bench, she got straight up on the bench, instead of standing next to it like Mom wanted her to do. "I'm a big girl too, Mom."

This would have been more true to an 1855 ride...
...but we opted for free, and went on the hayride. The tractor didn't actually exist in 1855, in case you were wondering.
We were all very interested in the yoke and how it worked exactly, so we watched a demon-stration.

Fun at the Mall

The big girls riding the carousel with Daddy and Papa.

Annie showing off her climbing ability.

Hannah loves to pose!
You always know where to look for Sarah, she loves to balance on the highest possible object!

Have you ever seen anything so cute? I'm a little biased.

Elizabeth the Snake

In case you forgot about Sarah's pet snake Elizabeth, here she is...
Sarah does a great job holding her by herself.

Hannah still needs a little assistance.

Pumpkin Carving

Sarah drew and Mom cut! Dad separated and cooked pumpkin seeds, and we all had a good time. The other girls watched and critiqued. Hannah is being scary in the picture.