Annie's One!

Annie's birthday dinner, she mostly ate fruit and jello.
"This is the life, a drink and a swing, it doesn't get much better."
Hannah rode around in circles under Annie, which Annie laughs at.
Annie opening some presents...
Annie is much more excited about the paper than the present of course.
Annie's first Birthday Cake! Spice Cake...yum
"What is all the fuss about?"
"Was I suppossed to be doing something?"
"This stuff is good!"
Annie is playing with the rattle Sarah made her out of tissue paper and beans. It lasted for about 20 seconds, as Annie decided to put it in her mouth. Yuk!

How do you overcome a short temper?

I was asked that question this week, and I am not sure why I was the one that was asked, but I have been thinking about it all week. I haven't overcome my problem with having a short temper, being quick to anger.

I memorized James 1:19-20...My dear brothers, take note of this, everyone must be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, for man's anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires.

That really didn't help as much as I had hoped. I have been learning that I can't overcome it, but that God can, but dependence on God is not easy. I also know that the most important thing I can do while I have this struggle is be quick to humble myself and apologize. Even if it is the 10th time I have apologized that day. Apologizing gets old, but so does sin...and we must continue to be softened to God and His conviction of sin.

If anyone else knows how to overcome this a short temper, I am all ears...

Camping in the Appalachians

We took a side excursion to Douthat State Park in Western Virginia.
Daddy and Stephanie are getting breakfast ready at our site.
Stephanie is waiting patiently for her pig in a blanket.
After breakfast, we learned about bears at a nature class.

Then they did a bear craft.
We went on an afternoon hike which was supposed to be 2 miles, but Dad had to run and get the car after the first mile.
The girls are crazy to get in the water, it was freezing, but they love to swim.
We took turns paddle boating. Mom got to go first.
Here they come.
Hannah was sitting in the back seat, this is the only picture that her face was in.

Skyline Drive

We took a beautiful scenic drive through Shenandoah National Park's Skyline Drive.

If the girls look freezing, they was mid 60s in the mountains that afternoon. It was at least 80 when we left Washington D.C. that morning.
We all dug jackets out after we got back to the car.
Here was the first deer we saw.
Some more scenic pictures that pale in comparison to the real thing.
If you look closely, you can see the black bear coming towards us.
Another bear picture, we were one of about 30 people stopped to take pictures.
These are park rangers trying to get close enough to do a medical examination on the bear. One of them was wearing a stethoscope.
We also got to see another deer, this one came right up to the car, so all the girls could easily see it.

Family Reunion

Grandmother Lippincott and the Family.

We got to visit a little bit with Grandmother before the big party, here, she was giving the girls presents.
Annie got to sit next to Abby in the stroller, which Annie thought was great, but Abby is used to having someone next to her, so she didn't seem to notice.
She still didn't seem to care too much when Annie started grabbing at her face. But again, Annie thought it was very exciting to have a friend her age...

The President's House

Waiting to catch the Subway... trying to stay on the hexagons.
The girls and Daddy being silly and the Washington Monument in the background.
The girls are playing on the Sherman Monument that is located behind the White House.
Sarah kept telling people all day that we were going to see the President. She just assumed because we were seeing his house, we would see him as well. Well, we didn't see the President, but here is his house.
The back of the White House.
Sarah and Hannah on the Swan Bench outside the Smithsonian.

Our Unexpected Pit Stop

When we were leaving Tennessee, we heard a little noise coming from the brakes, but we planned on getting them fixed in D.C. the next day. As we were on the way down the next to last mountain pass, we realized that they were grinding. Grinding breaks and driving in the mountains don't go too well together. So, we stopped at an Auto Parts store in a pretty small town. They proceeded to call every shop in town (all of which had already closed), and then every buddy they knew who could change brakes. Finally we ended up at a used car lot with parts in hand. Twenty minutes later we were on our way to D.C. again. The picture is of us waiting for the car to be done. We waited on the porch of a closed business as it was sprinkling. Praise God, everything worked out so well.

Signal Mountain Lookout

If only a picture could capture it...

Dave reading the history lesson.
The Smoky Mountains are so beautiful, again, a picture can't do it justice.

The Pumpkin Patch

We weren't sure what to expect when we were invited to the "Pumpkin Patch" in June. Maybe green pumpkins? But it ended up being the nicest playground I have ever seen. Thanks Holley and Jason!
Holley and David
Sarah getting ready for Daddy to push her on the zip line.
There she goes!
Daddy pushing Hannah on the zipline.
And there Hannah goes...
David swinging.
And David swinging.

Down the giant slide.
There they go...
Annie attempted to escape her stroller most of the time we were there.

Rachel and Stephanie played endlessly in the sandbox.