Sarah's First Party

Here are pics from the Party at Grandma Bateman's House.

Sarah and her Birthday Pie (Apple).
Sarah opening presents, here she is opening her "pretty."
A new Bulletin Board to display all of her craft projects (this will probably hold about one day's worth of projects).
Trying out her skates.

Using her new spiralgraph.

Annie Reading the Paper

"Hey, This show looks good."

"It might taste good too."

Living History Museum

Our tour of this 1885 working village started with the Church and Cemetery.
The only picture of poor Annie who was on my back most of the day. Stephanie posing in front of the Print Shop, Mercantile Store, and School (from left to right). Ignore the car...

A log cabin.
The Seamstress' House

The Seamstress let us dress up in some of her workmanship.

The Girls learned how to make nails from this Blacksmith.

Sarah is politely curtsying to her teacher upon entering the school room.
Our spelling lesson.
Hannah better watch out, she is going to have to sit in the dunce chair if she doesn't start paying attention.

Sarah is playing a game, where the object is to send the ring across to someone else who will in turn catch the ring on their sticks.
You can't use your hands, just your sticks.
Hannah is watching the games.
The trapper showed the girls all of his furs and skins.

This was Stephanie's "best" part (her favorite).

A Quilting Demonstration.

Hannah and Stephanie are grinding coffee.
This young lady needed lots of help with her wash...all the girls enjoyed helping...

Grinding Corn Meal in the Mill

The village Post Office.
Sarah in front of the counter at the Mercantile Store.

Hannah and Steph chewing the fat and playing checkers.

Sarah and her candy stick. We had a great day!

The Worm and the Tree

Sarah and Joseph are trying to figure out how to get up the tree.
Stephanie is just making "looking cute" look easy.

Hannah and Hannah are playing with a half dead was definetly dead after they were done with it.

More of My Beautiful Annie

Classic Hannah

"Look Mom, she doesn't need to crawl now to get to her toys." Hannah

Annie in the Grass

3 Little Hams

Pretty Cute.

Annie's New Tricks

Here is Annie a week ago. She just figured out how to get up on her knees.

Two days later, she is precariously perched on her feet. This is all leverage, balance is still coming...

Two days more, and she is balancing on her feet.

A few more minutes and she has reached the second step.

Two more days, and she thinks she is Super Woman.

Look Mom, I can even get down without booming my head. We are looking forward to tomorrow...