8 Little Girls

All 8 girls...

Grandma Mary Ann and Abby (I think)

Elaine and Grace (again, I think)

Emilie and Ava

"Can we please go play now?"

I know it is blurry but the pic was too much fun to not post.
Stephanie loved this swing, she spent most of her time spinning.

Uncle Al pushing the girls on these cool swings.

Coloring Girls

Hannah's Self Portrait

Sarah's Comic Strip

Steph Coloring in the Lines

I can't color yet but I am cute.

Easter Egg Hunt and More

Grandma made a bunny cake, which the girls loved!

Easter Pics

Box Seating!

We got to sit in box seats in the oldest theater in town. The architecture and furnishings were absolutely beautiful.

We saw Charlotte's Web, and the girls loved the performance. It was very funny, and even kept Stephanie's attention.

Sarah and Hannah's Movie

Sarah and Hannah made their own (still) movie. It is called the Sally and Alax Movie, as you can see. Sally is the Girl, and Alax is the long nosed dog. They do a dance because her boots are clompy. They are obviously outside dancing. There is a butterfly and a family of snails that come by as they dance. There is a Mommy and Daddy snail, and one girl kid, and one baby boy snail. The snails are Hannah's creation along with a lot of the coloring in. Sarah did the drawings of the butterfly and Sally and Alax.

Hannah demonstrating the dance...

Hannah the Photographer

Here are some pictures Hannah took!

Some were suprisingly great!

Most of them looked something like this.