Playing at the Park

That is Hannah at the top.

Hannah and Sarah going "tornado" fast.

Under the Sea

Serious Hannah

Stephanie is the deep sea diver, you can only see her head

More silly Sarah

Sarah riding the dolphin.

3 Little Monkeys

More of Annie

Steph helping Mom

Stephanie is such a big Annie her bananas. She loves helping.

Notice the open mouth, if Steph opens her mouth maybe she can get Annie to do the same. What a cutie!

Pics from the Park

The Geese were very friendly. Sarah spent most of her time befriending them.

Stephanie having fun on the playground. She is flush because it was almost 80 degrees that day.

Annie, my little happy girl.

I Don't Need a Nap

The big girls insisted that they didn't need a nap, so they got to stay up and color, somewhere along the way Hannah curled up and we didn't hear from her again for 2 hours. I don't know why she picked the laundry basket?

Sarah on the beam

Sarah practicing squating on the balance beam. She was demonstrating for her class.

Poor Annie

Annie dressed up like Jasmine. What a neglected fourth child...

Drum Roll Please...

The long awaited...

...Annie in Pigtails.

She is not so fond of having her hair messed with. This took a good 20 minutes with lots of fussing, but all worth it in the end. What a cutie.