Hannah's Coloring Page

This is the coloring page Hannah colored online today.

Sarah's Coloring Page

Sarah Colored this online today.

Let me out

If you don't get me out of here, I am jumping...seriously.

Steph in Braids

I dumped all the hair stuff looking for the perfect hair bands. Now Mom is making me clean them up.

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin

On your mark, Get Set, Go!

Here I go!

Got to Mom's shoes!

While I was over by mom I picked up a toy, then thought it would be more fun to play with it in the middle of the room.

I ditched the elephant, shhh!, I am trying to get to the kitchen without Mom noticing.

Why I love CSI

Not only CSI, but about any crime investigation show. I used to think that it was the suspense of trying to find out "who dun it", but that is not it...it is the motive. I absolutely love finding out about how people behave and why. I often ask myself if I could behave the same way (good or bad), and what prevents certain behaviors. When a small amount of greed becomes bigger and leads to murder...when someone feels horribly betrayed and wants to seek revenge...when someone can't live with reality and starts living a lie. These kind of things intrigue me. They give me empathy for criminals. Not that I don't think that crimes need to be punished. I am all for justice. It is just that I look into myself and see the greed, desire for revenge, and tendency to want to romanticize life. I see that I have the makings of a criminal, but I also have the Holy Spirit. I have the power to choose right everyday. The small choices do make the difference.

I am not endorsing CSI or any other show, just sharing my fascination...

Annie's Do

" Hannah put the headband in my hair. Don't I look pretty."

Carrot Face

" Carrots are yummy!" Notice the hand, "I love strings."

"I got it! I love chewing on the camera string!" As I type, she is sitting on my lap chewing on my jacket drawstring.

Sarah's Alphabet Book

A page in Sarah's Alphabet Book. She made it for her Great-Grandma.

Mommy, I am so Pretty!

Hannah's outfit this morning.

She came downstairs and said, "Mommy, I am so pretty!" Well, I think the least I can say is that she is a leader, and not a follower when it comes to fashion. Maybe someday she will find a following.

Braided Hair Girls

Cheerio Girl

Yes, Annie is finally eating Cheerios...

"Can someone help?"

"It is hardwork getting these things into my mouth."

"Got it! Now I have to get it out of my fist"


I am moving from homeschoolblogger, just getting things set up.

Peek-a Boo

Where's Annie?

There she is!

Where are you going Annie?

Annie is really good at rolling, but there is no telling where she will end up.

Stephanie's Help

Stephanie helping me unpack another box...she thought we were still PACKING.

Stephanie Coloring

Stephanie trying really hard to stay in the lines.

Gynastics at Home

It was too snowy to have gymnastics last week so we had gymnastics at home...

Stretching to warm up.

Jumping into the "Pillow Pit."

We also practiced some somersaults, cartwheels, and on the pretend balance beam.