A Few Pictures of the Girls

The Hardest Puzzle Yet

I know it doesn't look hard, but it was!

Our Snowman

Our snowman was celebrating Hannah's Birthday with a nice Tinkerbell party hat, and Sarah let him borrow her scarf.

After we went inside, a couple of boys came and kicked over our snowman, so we also learned a lesson in forgiveness.

Sledding Fun

Sarah is starting down the next hill...there is a hump in the middle.

Hannah on her way down...
No one wants to carry the sled back up...which made for a short turn sledding.

Grandma's New Puzzle

Stephanie and Grandma admiring their finished puzzle.

Teddy Bear Storytime

We got to hear a great storyteller tell us three different Bear Stories.

Singing the Bear Song..."Put your bear on your head..."

Happy Birthday Hannah

Hannah playing Pin the Tail on the Pony.

Sarah cheating at Pin the Tail on the Pony.
Hannah's Pony Cake
Blowing out Candles, and Hannah's Friends...


By request...Annie in pigtails

Sarah the Gymnast

Getting ready to do a cartwheel
The balance beam

The jump...I circled Sarah and drew a line at the top of the foam pit, it was probably 5-6 feet.


Hannah the Gymnast

Just a disclaimer...I couldn't use a flash, so the pictures are a bit fuzzy. Hannah is wearing the pink shirt and the purple pants.


"Is it my turn yet?"
Somersault Part 1
Somersault Part 2
Obstacle Course

The balance beam.
And what was your favorite part Hannah? "When we got the stamp!"

More Annie

"I can sit up in my boppy! Sorry about my shirt, it won't stay up. :("

"This is what I do at mealtimes: Raid the napkin basket and chew on all the napkins. More laundry for mom!" She reminds me more of Hannah every minute. I could always take the basket away, but then she throws a fit, she has claimed it for her own.

"Sister Hannah wants to be in the picture too."

"I think I can, I think I can, I think I can..."

Snow Day

Any volunteers to come and scrape my windshield?

It is still falling. It looks warmer than it is. ;)

Sarah's Porfolio

These have all been taken by Sarah...
This gets my vote for "Most Artistic."

"Most Expressive"
"Most Likely to Cause a Fries Craving"
"Best Subject Matter"
"Most Efficient Use of Space"

Puzzlemania 2007

Stephanie working on the "Jesus Puzzle." Stephanie says, "Only Mommy can help."

Steph and Mommy finally finish it so everyone else can have a turn working on it.

Kristen helping (this is the 3rd time working it; Sarah and Hannah did it once inbetween this).

Yet another puzzle worked by the Branson Girls!

Sarah wanted me to take a picture and write that she did this one all by herself. Gotta keep up with Steph. ;)

Mom felt left out. I would like to say that I did this one all by myself, but I got plenty of help...it is amazing that only one piece is missing. Hannah said, "That is a long puzzle Mom."

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