The girls piled into the bedroom this morning to tell me NOT to wake up!?! My first thought is that they had destroyed something, but their "wispering" was oveheard. Their plan was to fix breakfast. Stephanie was assigned spoons, Hannah bowls, and Sarah did the cereal and milk. After they hurried around and cleaned up milk spills, they announced that I could come out. It was one of the best breakfasts I have ever had. Thanks Girls!

Girls with Great-Grandmothers

Stephanie and Grandma Branson

Sarah took a break from playing for a picture with Grandma, but Hannah wouldn't hold still for a picture.

I still don't know how we managed this one. All of the girls smiling and standing so we could see them. Quite a feat. Here they are with Grandma Bateman.

Polly Pocket House

Sarah in the thinking stage.

The interior is finished with beautiful pink carpet, colored door mats, stairs, and a nice coat of marker paint.

The roof on and getting close to completion. Sarah says that she still has to make curtains and furniture. We will keep you updated.

Paradise Park

The girls are thinking about opening a Pizza Parlor, so we gave them a trial run. My coffee got spilled all over the floor and the pizza tasted like plastic, so I vetoed the idea. They still need a lot of work in several areas before entrepreneurship is an option.

Really, the girls had a great time, and they would have stayed for 4 more hours, Thanks Ouma!

The Pumpkin Patch

The Girls at the Pumpkin Patch with Papa.

Train Trip

A picture of our recent train trip with Aunt Meagan.